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By: Editor | October 07, 2018


Sharam Kohan

The Social Worker of the Year Award honors Sharam Kohan who exemplifies the best of the profession’s values and achievements. In honoring the Social Worker of the Year, the Coalition highlights superb accomplishments in the practice of social work and social justice. Mr. Kohan demonstrated outstanding leadership, advocacy for clients, and took risks to achieve outstanding results.

Sharam Kohan has made significant contributions to the social work profession. Throughout his career he has embodied the essence of social work values. He has served on several boards of directors, successfully managed various behavioral health programs and refugees rescue services.

Sharam started working at the International Coalition to End Torture in 2002 as a coordinator and case manager working with the refugee population. He demonstrated extraordinary case management, resource management, and leadership abilities as he advocated for one of our most vulnerable populations. In 2004, Sharam joined Horizon House as a Program Manager of Shelter Plus Care programs and then as the Director of Residential Rehabilitation Services for several large nor-profit organization including Community Health Systems and Advocates. In addition, he is a management consultant specializing in organizational development of non-profit health care providers. He has helped several hospitals and community health care organizations develop medical homes serving tens of thousands of low income and disadvantaged individuals and families.

He has been effecting change at all levels of practice which is evident in his direct work as a clinician, and director of behavioral health care programs and social services.

Sharam exemplifies our social work values through his profound integrity with a strong sense of social justice that is inspiring.  He is deeply respected by his colleagues and has mentored numerous aspiring social workers.

Sharam Kohan has made significant contributions to the social work profession and the thousands of clients he has served.  Sharam embodies social workers paving the way for change.

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