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By: Editor | December 31, 2017

THE harrowing realities of Iran's torture prisons have been revealed in a new museum that uses dummies to recreate brutal interrogation techniques.

The grisly displays reveal the horrors suffered by prisoners of the brutal security service SAVAK, which tortured and killed thousands of the Shah's opponents before the 1979 revolution.

A mutilated wax dummy lies strapped to a bed frame at the prison turned museum

SAVAK, created with the assistance of the CIA, had as many as 60,000 agents in its ranks and some 8,500 prisoners passed through its "House of Detention".

Many of the dummies are trapped in solitary confinement in dark cells showing the marks of extreme violence.

Other more gruesome displays show mutilated prisoners hanging from bars, strung up above the floor or tied to iron bed frames.

One particularly di...

By: Editor | December 29, 2017

In one of his first acts as president, Barack Obama signed executive ordersclosing this country’s secret prisons overseas, banning torture and authorizing an end to the detention camp at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. Obviously, Mr. Obama didn’t fully get his way. Guantánamo, though reduced to a few dozen prisoners, is still operating. And the current president has expressed full faith in the harsh methods described euphemistically as enhanced interrogation techniques. “Don’t tell me it doesn’t work — torture works,” Donald Trump insisted during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Standing behind Mr. Obama as he signed those orders on Jan. 22, 2009, were 16 retired generals and admirals who had his back, figuratively as well as literally. They were ...

By: Editor | November 18, 2016

The full extent of the CIA’s interrogation and detention programmes launched in the wake of the September 11 terror attack was laid bare in a milestone report by the Senate intelligence committee on Tuesday that concluded the agency’s use of torture was brutal and ineffective – and that the CIA repeatedly lied about its usefulness.

The report represented the most scathing congressional indictment of the Central Intelligence Agency in nearly four decades. It found that torture “regularly resulted in fabricated information,” said committee chairwoman Dianne Feinstein, in a statement summarizing the findings. She called the torture programme “a stain on our values and on our history”.

“During the brutal interrogations, the CIA was often unaware ...

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By: Editor | October 17, 2015


by Meredith Clark
The prisoners were held in pitch-dark cells in a secret CIA facility. As part of their torture regimen, they were forced to listen to music — everything from heavy metal to the theme song from Barney & Friends — blasted at ear-damaging levels, designed to break them psychologically. Now, years later, the doctors who designed that program are getting sued, in litigation filed by the ACLU.

In the early 2000s, the CIA contracted with two psychologists, James Mitchell and John Bruce Jessen, to help them design interrogation methods for detainees held in secret prisons in places such as Afghanistan. The methods Mitchell and Jessen designed included "stuffing them inside coffin-like boxes, exposing them to extreme tempe...

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By: Editor | April 29, 2015

Why I've offered to receive 100 lashes of the convicted Saudi blogger Raif Badawi's sentence.

In  2013, a Saudi Arabian court sentenced 31-year-old Saudi blogger   Raif Badawi   to seven   years in prison and 600 lashes. Last year, an appeals court decided the sentence was not harsh enough and increased the punishment to 10 years in prison, 1,000 lashes and a fine of 1 million riyals (equivalent to over a quarter of a million dollars). Badawi’s “crime” is nothing more than expressing religious and political dissent, including such dastardly acts as running a website called Free Saudi Liberals and liking the Facebook page of a group of Arab Christians.

Because this innocent victim of Saudi “justice” would...